Monday, March 3, 2014

Mermaids and Faerie Magazine

I am so excited! Received my Mermaid version of Faerie Magazine. The fashion and writing in this publication is probably one of my favorite so far. Check out their online sample.

Since we're on the topic of mermaids, did you know that Disney's Little Mermaid was based off a story written by a Danish author and poet, Hans Christian Anderson? While the deal is the same, Ariel becomes human to seek the love of a prince, in the original story she dies. Ariel makes a deal with the witch, who cuts off her tongue so she cannot talk and gives her a penalty for having legs, which forces her steps to feel like "Walking on sharp shards of glass". In the end, the prince ends up marrying another woman. Ariel's sisters hear her cry and makes contact with the witch. The deal is that if she kills the prince, she can become a mermaid again. Ariel ends up in the Prince's room and attempts to carry on the deal but is unable to kill him. Instead, she dies of a broken heart.


This isn't the friendly Little Mermaid story we all know as kids but most of Disney's stories do originate from not so friendly fairytales. Another fairytale I wanted to mention is Sleeping Beauty. This one is even more gruesome. Google and read the story! You'll see what I mean.